Monday, October 22, 2012

Random October Entry

Dear Blog,
I did promise that I was going to  be good and try to blog more regularly. All for my non-existent readers. And admittedly for my own sanity.

So what random topic will we speak about today? Well, talking about what I've been up to always gets the gears going, and before you know it, you are witnessing a full-fledged rant fest from yours truly.

With the holidays approaching, I am increasingly getting stressed out about planning a Christmas holiday. I have been toying with the idea of New York for a couple of months now, right down to researching flights, accommodations, places of interest, the LOT!


It is now almost 2 months to Christmas and we have not even made the decision to buy the plane tickets! 

The current situation with my job and L's job is making it hard to lock anything down, and looking at the crazy peak-time rates, I am just very wary of spending that much money on a holiday. Perhaps I will be happier if that AUD6,000 stayed warm and cosy in my savings account. If I lost my job, that amount of moolah will leave me comfortable for a good few months.

But it's New York! White Christmas (probably more like Grey-and-Yellow-in-certain-corners Chrismas but that's besides the point)!!


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